We Are Harlot

In multiple interviews Danny Worsnop mentioned this band and referred to it as 'Harlot', which he has explained that after touring with Asking Alexandria in 2013, he would be touring with this band and release an album, along with his solo album in the near future.[1] The band was formed 3 years prior to the events of 2014 after Worsnop and Jeff George formerly of Sebastian Bach, who shared the same lawyer Eric German, had met in Los Angeles on new years eve, and within two days the pair bonded and moved in together as room mates at Worsnops Beverley Hills home.[2]

After discussing their musical endeavours Worsnop invited Bruno Agra, formerly of Revolution Renaissance, and the three started to make demos based off of Agra's former band.[3][4] This was initially going to be used as material for Worsnop's solo album, but once they met Brian Weaver from Silvertide, who became part of the band after they advertised the role for a full-time bassist, it grew into the band.[3][5]

2014–present: Signing to Roadrunner and self-titled album[edit]
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The band was announced as one of the acts of the annual rock festival Rock on the Range off 2014 under the name "We Are Harlot", making this their first time they ever performed in front of a live audience.[6] During this time the band announced that their album will be released in the summer the same year.[7] The band was initially named as simply 'Harlot' but Jeff George explains that due to copyright and legal issues, they remodelled as 'We Are Harlot'.[7][8] It was later revealed by the band that they would release their first single off their album on May 14 titled "Denial".[9] On signing to Roadrunner Records, the band said that:

"...Roadrunner has been there championing us from the beginning. When it came time to sign a deal all the labels came calling, but only one got the call back. Roadrunner Records’ foundations were built on great rock ‘n’ roll bands, bands that we love, and we are here to continue carrying that torch and shaking those foundations."[10]
After the band performed at Rock on the Range, they later played at various different festivals and tours, including; Rocklahoma in May, replacing the metal group Trivium due to the singer damaging his voice,[11] they were the support act for The Pretty Reckless on May 28 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,[12] performed "Denial" as new bumper music at WWE Raw on August 18,[13] and also performed at 2014's Aftershock festival in September.[14]

In early January 2015 the band issued a statement via Rocksound Magazine that they will be releasing their debut album in March that same year.[8] The band officially announced their self-titled debut album in January after releasing their second single, Dancing On Nails, and made it available to pre-order for March 31.[15] Worsnop also announced his departure from Asking Alexandria, stating that he wanted to focus on this band more and also felt that Asking Alexandria would do better without him, also admitting that he no longer wanted to create heavy music anymore.[2][16] The band has been announced to perform at South Florida's 'Fort Rock' festival and North Florida's 'Rockville' festival in April 2015, and have been set to perform at Rock on the Range for the second time along with a new festival named 'Northern Invasion' based in Somerset, both of which take place in May.[17][18][19][20] They also intend to perform at both Download Festival, which will serve as their debut performance in the UK, and at Sonisphere Festival in Milan, Italy, which will serve as their debut performance in Italy in June.[21][22]


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