Wayne Static

Wayne Static (born Wayne Richard Wells, November 4, 1965 in Muskegon,Michigan, USA) is an American musician, and the former lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, and music sequencer for the industrial metal band Static-X. He released his first solo studio album, Pighammer, on October 4, 2011.

Early life:
Static grew up in Shelby, Michigan before moving to Chicago and eventually California. He was three years old when he received his first toy guitar. His parents decided at age seven to get him his first real guitar, an S12 beginner model. He was given lessons, which paid off a year later when he won a talent contest playing "Skip to My Lou". Wayne later played in his first band at the age of 12 and at that point he decided he wanted to be a musician. In High School he played in a band for the dances with fellow classmates. Wayne attended Shelby High School and had summer jobs which included working as an asparagus picker and in a cherry canning factory.

After moving to Chicago, Static created the band Deep Blue Dream with Ken Jay and Bass player Eric Harris. The group was short lived as they relocated to California and Static-X was formed along with Tony Campos and Koichi Fukuda.
Static is well known for his unusual hairstyle; his hair is held up in a vertical position, a process that takes about 20 minutes to complete. He is also known for his signature "chintail" beard.
Static announced in July 2007 that he will begin a side project, Pighammer, but in a December 2007 interview with Ultimate-Guitar.com, Static stated: "The Pighammer thing will happen when I have time. At the moment though, Static-X will remain my main priority."
Static appears on the cover of the 2009 Static-X release, Cult of Static. This is the final album released under the original lineup.
Static's solo album Pighammer was released on October 4, 2011. As part of his Pighammer solo-project, Static formed a new lineup consisting of Brent Ashley on Bass, Sean Davidson on Drums and Ashes on Guitar. All are well known and well respected musicians in their own right. In 2012, this lineup went under the name Static-X for the Noise Revolution tour. However in October 2012 the remainder of the tour was cancelled due to Static requiring medical treatment
Wayne confirmed that Static-X had disbanded in June 2013. According to Static, the disputes between himself and the band's former bassist Tony Campos over the rights to the use of Static-X name have gone way too far, forcing him to disband the four-piece.