The Oath

Bonded not by blood, but by an earth-shattering love for heavy, soul-stripping music; an unhealthy fascination for death and the beyond; and the almost animal-like need to maintain some kind of freedom within the incarceration of society and its petty social rules – the core of The Oath is made up by two women sworn to the dark.

In 2012, Swedish guitarist Linnéa Olsson – known from underground darlings Sonic Ritual – left Stockholm to seek inspiration in the mythically rebellious and decadent city of Berlin. A punk guitarist at heart, her riffs are to the point, driven by a dark but catchy undercurrent, and her influences range from Slash to Fast Eddie Clarke to Steve Jones to Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin.

Johanna Sadonis, a native Berliner, grew up on her parents’ diet of Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones. As a teenager, she became immersed in the extreme metal scene, robbing graveyards and sneaking into mortuaries to the soundtrack of Scandinavian death and black metal. After stints as a singer in several bands, and living in Norway and Los Angeles, she returned to Berlin and founded the infamous Kill ‘Em All club – single-handedly supplying the city with the best old school metal in the world.

After having met only once, things fell into place with instant magic. Johanna and Linnéa set out to create a hard rock band that would be raw, exciting, dark, dirty, catchy and loud. Naming some of their main influences Danzig, Black Sabbath, The Runaways, Dio, Celtic Frost, Motörhead and classic NWOBHM, the music is a perfect mix of 1970’s and 1980’s heavy rock and metal. Lyrically they center their material to topics of death, doom, drugs and the dream realm.
The now sold out debut 7” single earned them the title of “Band of the Week” by underground connoisseur Fenriz of Darkthrone. In August The Oath went to Studio Cobra in Stockholm together with Parisian bassist Simon Bouteloup (Kadavar, ex- Aqua Nebula Oscillator) and UK drummer Andrew Prestidge (Angel Witch, Winters), where they recorded 9 tracks for their debut album – set to be released in early 2014.