The Great Discord

No light without dark. Everyone has it, everyone struggles with it. The extreme thrives in dissonance, the dichotomies of our hearts and our psyches. The great discordances in our lives.

It constitutes the greatest inspirations, exploring the extremes. It lives in the ugly, the odious. The voice in your head telling you what you really are.

Music in itself is a natural catharsis for this. It allows for philosophical and psychological embodiments, and a vent for all things human. Love, hate, joy, sorrow, extacy, despair, ambiguity, apathy, helplessness, alienation, loneliness, strength, weakness.

Emphasizing the dark, The Great Discord is an attempt to conceptualize this, to musically explore the boundaries of ourselves. An attempt to confront and to understand.

Would you seek it if you felt it?


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