Steak Number Eight

Steak Number Eight is a post-metal/sludge metal band based in Wevelgem, Belgium. Their music is a combination of post-rock and sludge metal, and is influenced by bands like Pelican, Isis, Sunn O))) and Amenra.

In 2007 they won a local contest named Westtalent. A few months later, in March 2008, the band won Humo's Rock Rally. With an average age of 15.5 they were the youngest band in the history of this contest. Shortly after this victory a home recorded album When the Candle Dies Out... was released.
In March 2011 the band released their second album All is Chaos produced by Mario Goossens and mixed by Matt Bayles. The album received overwhelmingly positive feedback and was later released in 2012 in the UK by Metal Hammer, who then added the band to their Razor Tour at the end of the year. In March and April their third album, The Hutch, will be released across Europe. One week before its Belgian release, De Standaard posted an online stream of the full album.