Red Shore

The Red Shore were an Australian death metal band from Geelong, Victoria, formed in 2004. The band claims their style is a combination of death metal and technical death metal, though they are often referred to as a deathcore band.
The Red Shore signed to Big Phat Adelaide Records and Modern Music in 2006 and released their first EP, Salvaging What's Left. In late 2007, the band raised national headlines when they were involved in a fatal car crash while on tour, claiming the lives of vocalist Damien Morris and roadie Andy Milner.
The members decided to continue as a band, signing to Siege Of Amida Records and releasing their debut album, Unconsecrated, in 2008. A compilation album, titled Lost Verses, was recorded and released in May 2009.
In late 2009 vocalist, former bassist and founding member Jamie Hope left the band, leaving Jason Leombruni as the last founding member to remain in the band.
Their second album, The Avarice of Man, was released in September 2010. It is the first to be released through Roadrunner Records Australia and the first to feature Chase Butler as vocalist.