Neaera is a death metal band from Münster, Germany, currently signed to Metal Blade Records. Especially during their beginnings they were sometimes categorized as Metalcore, too. Recently, they have completed their sixth album, Ours Is The Storm, which was released on March 01, 2013 in Europe and on March 5, 2013 in the United States.

Musical style:
Tobias Buck started Neaera to change the musical influence of the style he had played before with fellow Münster death metal band Malzan. The band was interested in the Swedish death metal genre, and decided to create a sound of their own, based on similar styles.

Band members:
Current members
Benjamin Hilleke - lead vocals,
Stefan Keller - guitar,
Tobias Buck - guitar,
Benjamin Donath - bass guitar,
Sebastian Heldt - drums, percussion