MT stands for Many Things. More specifically it stands for Frederik Tyson-Brown, Macks Faulkron, Gabi Woo and Michael Tomlinson. MT can also be written as an arrow with a dot at the bottom of it, think of it kind of like an exclamation mark with arrow head on top.

We make music together. People have called it Many Things but we describe it as pop music. We really don't mind what you call us as long as your listening.

This project is all about authenticity. We're interested in honest passionate expression of energy & ideas in a powerful emotional format.

Michael mainly sings, Macks plays the drums, Freddie mainly plays strings and Gabi plays keys. That's probably the easiest way to say it as we've collected all sorts of synths, pedals and pads so that we can play all our songs absolutely live between the four of us.

Thanks for being here!


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