Morbus Chron

Morbus Chron was formed by Robert Andersson, Edvin Aftonfalk and Stefan Johansson in Stockholm 2007. Adam Lindmark joined shortly after, their young minds were set on recreating the atmosphere of death metal pioneers similar to Autopsy, Death Strike and Death. They successfully achieved this with their impressive 2009 demo recording "Splendour of Disease". With a slight line up change, Stefan exiting the band and Dag Landon joining the band went on to develop their style and began to cause a stir within the metal underground scene with their unrelenting, yet catchy, music.
August 2011 saw the release of "Sleepers in the Rift", an album that was rightfully praised as a masterpiece of pure death metal of a kid the world hadn't heard in years; groovy drum patterns, guttural screams and gritty song structures.