Due to a musical, electronic and somewhat talented relationship with the electric guitar and circuit boards, in his galactic laboratory, The insidious Doktor Mayhem decided to create a physical form of the hatred that had developed towards the X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and other shows of the same ilk. It manifested in the form of Erik Tricity (named after the spark that gave it "life" (and a mistake in the registry office!)
Unfortunately Dr Mayhem had not considered just how much hatred and loathing there was, and so, had to hunt the universe for the most fierce and barbarous of warriors to help tame what can only be described as a massive tesseract of ego. Well, only one beast could provide such might. Lord Thrapston Flagellator. Smiter of worlds, devourer of souls, master of catastrophe and exceptional Bass guitarist (everyone needs a hobby!). Between them they trapped the narcissus between notes so high they could fuse human orifices shut and notes so low they could condense planets.
Trapped between these frequencies the hatred tried to communicate using the only thing it had!
So now, to appease its hedonistic, self destructive existence, the Doktor and the Lord let it out to screech at the general public to let them know that Simon Cowell is not in fact the be all and end all, and that merely being a collective accumulation of venom and spite is in fact a much more fulfilling existence than watching Saturday night TV......
Erik Tricity may not be right, but, it offers more interaction and respect than telephone voting!