Berlin/London based heavy doom rock band, LUCIFER, have this week unleashed their highly anticipated debut album, Lucifer I, and confirmed their first ever London show.

Front woman, Johanna Sadonis - formerly of The Oath - commented on the release:
"It is with great pride that we present Lucifer I, our first album. Crafted between London and Berlin, we've given it our all. We are tremendously excited for Lucifer I to descend into the light of day now and have been overwhelmed by the fantastic response so far!"

LUCIFER will play The Borderline in London on September 3, 2015.

The band recently released their first single, Izrael. The track was written by Sadonis and ex-Cathedral guitarist, Gaz Jennings. The video for the track - directed by Sadonis and Chris Koll - was shot partly at LUCIFER's first Berlin show in April, and has notched up thousands of plays in its first few days online. Watch the video for Izrael here:

Whilst The Oath was a much-celebrated band, following their premature demise, Sadonis wasted no time in creating a new beast to go beyond previous limitations. Having released their debut single, Anubis earlier this year, there has been a significant buzz generating around LUCIFER.

Eschewing the now well-worn clichés of the ‘occult-rock explosion’ in favour of a truthful and tempestuous re-imagining of classic 70s proto-metal and heavy doom, the eight songs on this band’s debut album crackle and fizz with burgeoning energy and the compelling conviction of music made for all the right reasons.

Although still firmly rooted in the fertile soil first cultivated by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Blue Oyster Cult, LUCIFER exist in a proudly liberated and limitless sonic realm, where the heaviest doom rock is a mere starting point for the band’s skyward creative trajectory.

LUCIFER have recently been announced to tour with High on Fire and Pallbearer in the United States, with more European shows planned for later in the year. The band have also landed the coveted cover of the current issue of American heavy metal bible, Decibel.

June, 2015


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