Kill Hannah

What did you do the first time a teen crush broke your heart?
Mat Devine formed a band, bent on romantic revenge, and named it Kill Hannah.
Years later, the hurt is gone, but the name and now famous 'sniper heart' logo have become a permanent part of modern alt-rock iconography.

Starting in the late 90's with a dream to become “an edgier, American version of The Cure”, frontman Devine led his band through years of “paying dues the hard way”, before finally conquering their hometown of Chicago, and going on to navigate a treacherous industry through a relentless worldwide touring schedule, two major label releases, and more than a few VH1 Behind the Music moments. Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) once stated, "Kill Hannah is the future of Chicago Rock", and on the band's third and latest LP, WAKE UP THE SLEEPERS (OSR / Universal Motown), Kill Hannah have lived up to the praise by delivering their deepest and most thought-provoking collection of songs to date.

Those familiar with Kill Hannah’s previous work on Atlantic Records-including 2003’s For Never And Ever and 2006’s Until There’s Nothing Left Of Us (Featuring breakthrough single "Kennedy", and Top 40 radio favorite "Lips Like Morphine", respectively) will no doubt recognize the band on WAKE UP THE SLEEPERS, but will also appreciate the musical evolution the band’s undergone the last three years. As Kill Hannah introduces their third album to their stalwart fans, they are keeping a determined eye focused on new converts.

With tracks like the grimy club scene- inspired first single "New York City Speed", the arena rock ready anthem "Strobe Lights", and the brilliant, format defying "Why I Have My Grandma's Sad Eyes", the album pushes the listener into every emotional corner imaginable, not coming up for air until the final, eloquent album closer "Promise Me". As if there were any doubts, the band's across the board eccentricity also comes to light vividly with the list of guest appearances on the collection. Featuring vocal contributions from The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer, Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden,The Birthday Massacre’s Chibi, and even the Chicago Children's Choir, the songs take on an air of uniqueness and originality that is sorely missed in recent rock releases.

The title itself, "WAKE UP THE SLEEPERS", is a rallying cry from the band to its fans, old, new, and future. A statement to the old guard, that it's time to reinvent a once glorious industry that has, sadly, lost its way. Devine explains, "Our mantra for this album is 'Evolve or Die.' The old model is obsolete, because the labels have become so out of touch with the fans." This isn't a product; this is a battle plan for future musicians, to put artistic vision first. Always. "I have to believe there will be a new ‘golden era’ for the music industry, and I need for us to be a part of it."

It's obvious that despite its commercial appeal, this is not a collection of songs simply churned out to appease the industry bean counters, but rather a collection of personal hopes and dreams. Kill Hannah is a band that has endured death, line up changes, highly publicized bus fires and gear thefts, among other trials and tribulations that have left lesser bands running back to their hometowns, shattered.

Kill Hannah’s live show (complete with trademark laser-lit instruments) is yet another element that never fails to connect with audiences worldwide. The band has been on a rigorous touring schedule since the early part of the decade, forming alliances with bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Jet, Chevelle, Papa Roach, AFI, Shiny Toy Guns, H.I.M. , and She Wants Revenge, along with numerous late-night television talk show and radio festival appearances, including the infamous Download Festival in Europe. Their international appeal only solidifies their status as true visionaries, despite the current trends, a fact which earned Kill Hannah a nomination for "Best International Newcomer" at the 2008 Kerrang! Awards.

Since its inception, Devine, guitarist Dan Wiese, bassist Greg Corner, and drummer Elias Mallin have provided the soundtrack for thousands of like-minded "Nu Romantics" who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Kill Hannah fans, known worldwide as the KILL HANNAH KOLLECTIVE (KHK) are an unmistakable community. They proudly proclaim their allegiance, often imitating the band’s style and Devine's signature war paint, wearing creatively homemade KH merchandise, and bringing artwork to the shows. Thousands have made the ultimate commitment by getting tattoos of one of the vast array of KH branded tattoos, including their 'sniper heart', 'military butterfly', and 'medical cross' logos.

Kill Hannah returns the favor by immersing themselves in the culture that has taken root around them including Devine’s wildly popular Raccoon Society blog (on FUSE.TV) and Corner’s trendsetting electro DJ outfit Dark Wave Disco.

In addition, the band hosts an annual “New Heart For Xmas” holiday weekend in Chicago. This event involves multiple shows, venues and activities around the Chicago area, so notorious in fact that fans travel from all over the world to take their place in the Kill Hannah armada, seven years running.

Chicago’s unconquerable sons, Kill Hannah, are a band of brothers that have more than earned their stripes… and as promised, in 2010 they are poised to WAKE UP THE SLEEPERS.