Kellermensch is a Danish band. The band was formed in Esbjerg in 2006, they started out under the name Brudevalsen (bridel waltz), and took their name from the German translation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's novella Notes from Underground.
The band released their eponymous debut album in January 2009.
In 2011, the band got a record deal with the Universal Music Group in Germany, which re-released the debut album, merged with the EP, having all the track from the debut and EP, except Dirt in the Ground (Tom Waits Cover), and the track Loss.

Sebastian Wolff - Guitar and vocals,
Christian Sindermann - Vocals,
Anders Trans - Drums,
Jan Laursen - Guitar,
John Laursen - Doublebass & Guitar,
Claudio Wolff Suez - Bass