International Superheroes Of Hardcore

International Superheroes of Hardcore were a parodical hardcore punk band. The band is a side project of New Found Glory and features all five members. Chad Gilbert and Jordan Pundik switched duties to vocals and guitar, respectively. The remaining three members play the same instruments as in New Found Glory. All five members use pseudonyms rooted in hardcore and punk culture (bassist Ian Grushka's pseudonym of "Sgt. Soy" is a reference to both the prevalence of vegetarianism/veganism in hardcore and punk communities as well as his own vegetarianism).
The band had released one album, 2008's Takin' it Ova!. It was included with the New Found Glory EP Tip of the Iceberg, it is also available separately on 12" Vinyl. The band's songs are typically humorous in nature and tackle topics such as Back to the Future and "Superhero Sellouts."
While not currently active, the band went to Australia in February 2011 for the Soundwave Festival, replacing Sum 41 after frontman Deryck Whibley fell ill with pneumonia for the Melbourne and Adelaide shows. The band did not play the Perth show of the festival, due to Captain Straight Edge himself falling sick too, leaving speculation the ISHC's arch nemesis Batman may have poisoned him.
In an interview in 2012, Ian Grushka and Steve Klein announced that the band had been scrapped.

According to Jordan Pundik:

"New Found Glory were demoing for Coming Home and it kind of got repetitive and draining. So we were all living in this house together for a couple of months and it was in the middle of nowhere in Malibu in the hills and at night and we would start freaking out. We'd like get in our underwear and get crazy, and play stupid hardcore songs. I would pick up the guitar and play fun riffs, and then Chad would grab the mic and start screaming stuff, and then we thought, "Man, we should actually really write some hardcore songs and just record the songs on our equipment that we have here." So that's what we did, and we ended up recording like, sixteen songs just for fun and started playing it for people and people were like, "Man, this is really good. You guys sound like a real, seasoned hardcore band." We're like, "That's awesome, 'cause the songs are kind of like talking about Harry Potter and superheroes, and things like that."

"Captain Straightedge" (Chad Gilbert) - vocals,
"Sgt. Soy" (Ian Grushka) - Bass Guitar/vocals,
"Mr. Mosh" (Steve Klein) - Guitar,
"Chugga Chugga" (Jordan Pundik) - Guitar,
"The Amazing Breakdown" (Cyrus Bolooki) - drums