Fit For A King

Solid State Recording artists, Fit For A King have announced a new album, Slave To Nothing, to be released October 14th. Produced by Will Putney (Suicide Silence, Miss May I) Slave To Nothing promises to be their biggest sounding and most cohesive work to date. Although composed of a humble and unassuming quartet in their early 20’s, this is not a statement to be taken lightly.

Smashing onto the Solid State roster with their 2013 release Creation/Destruction, Fit For A King had the BIGGEST album debut in the history of the label (which is no small feat considering their catalogue also includes heavyweights such as Underoath, August Burns Red and Demon Hunter). Well exceeding expectations the band found themselves in the enviable position of #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

Musically Absolute Punk noted the bands ability in “churning out high quality, apocalyptic 3-minute breakdowns.” This is a somewhat simplified summation of their sound, as in addition to the metallic assault, there are melodic moments, grave atmospherics and messages of faith throughout.

Another of the band’s strengths is in their live show and unending enthusiasm for the road. Composed of Ryan Kirby (vocals), Bobby Lynge (guitar), Jared Easterling (drums) and newest member Ryan O’Leary (bass/clean vocals), Fit For A King has crisscrossed the nation repeatedly since signing to Solid State. This includes supporting acts including For Today, Upon A Burning Body, Attila, Like Moths To Flames, Stray From The Path, Impending Doom, and making a stop on the 2014 Vans Warped Tour.

This experience and the members world view has expanded through their travels, which in turn has informed the new album’s lyrics. Speaking on the overall lyrical theme for Slave To Nothing Kirby reveals “since getting signed and becoming a full-time touring band we have become very cognizant of addiction in its many forms. We encounter very different types of people on our travels and it is apparent that many people out there are addicted to something. This can be drugs or alcohol of course but it also is money, fame and even happiness.”

Songs like “Hooked” on Slave To Nothing delve into the topic of happiness as the vocalist explains “It’s become a prevalent attitude in society to put yourself first, even if your happiness is at the expense of someone else’s.”

“Hooked” stands in line with one of the central themes on Slave To Nothing as Kirby states “we aren’t in this for money, especially in the current state of music. We aren’t driven by the need for fame or excesses as a band. We aren’t slaves to any of that behavior; we are just excited to play our music for people. That being said, even though we write about faith, these also aren’t happy Christian songs. We struggle just like anyone who connects through our music.”

Some of these struggles have come through the loss of friends in the recent past. “Young & Undeserving” deals with O’Leary losing a close friend to substance abuse. “That passing was devastating to Tuck (O’Leary’s nickname within the band) but it’s also the questioning of what comes after that is central in that song. We are told that good Christians are assured a place in the afterlife but how could someone who is a good person, regardless of religion not be allowed in as well?”

In addition to the lyrical themes, the band says Will Putney’s input as a producer also helped the progression on the new album. On the musical differences found with Slave To Nothing, Kirby notes “we were very green when we recorded the other albums. Performance wise we were tight but after getting signed we didn’t have much experience in experimenting in the studio or developing the songs. This time around working with Will, he really gave input and above the board dedication to make this record great! Some of that input ranged from being honest enough to tell us to trash certain riffs because we could do better to even noticing repetition of the word ‘me’ in a verse and suggesting revisions.”

While fans attending the band’s sets during Warped Tour have gotten some previews of the forthcoming album, Fit For A King have confirmed tour dates from August well into Spring 2015. Slave To Nothing is coming, don’t miss it.


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