In November 2011 Deathstars, the world’s sole pioneers of Deathglam, started up their engines after taking one year off from playing live.
At the end of 2011, DEATHSTARS joined the legendary industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN on ”Made in Germany 1995-2011” to conquer the nations of Europe.

The success of the first leg of the tour was glorious and the two acts decided to continue to work together in 2012. All the biggest arenas in Europe have been sold out, and ticket sales crossed the barrier of 500 000.

Musicwise Deathstars celebrate 10 years as a band – a decade of debauchery – and released the compilation ”The Greatest Hits on Earth”, which is a collection of some of the most characteristic songs from their three albums. Among the 16 gems on it, two brand-new songs were presented : the single ”METAL” and the partynihilistic track ”Death Is Wasted On The Dead”.

Join the movement, get undressed and stay Deathstarstruck.


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