Chris Brooker

A hilarious show about call centres, the mills of our generation, from both ends of the line. Thank you for reading, your attention is very important to us.

Chris Brooker is a comedian by trade. Before he became a comedian by trade he paid his bills by working in a variety of call centres, biting his tongue while a procession of customers, colleagues and managers attempted to wear his sanity down to a nub. Fortunate enough to have found an escape route, Chris will now share hilarours tales from years spent as the human equivalent of a battery hen, plugged into a phone that never stops ringing.

"a string of artfully told stories - all of them true - about the often ridiculous things that go on behind the scenes in the UK's most-hated industry. tight, witty & big hearted show." The Scotsman

"Very funny, very quick." BBC

“The best act of the night, his quick wit silencing hecklers and getting plenty of laughs.” Manchester Evening News

“The revelation of the night. Spot on.” Now Toronto