Azrael is a black metal band from Minnesota, formed by Lord Samaiza and Algol in 1999. In 2000, their first demo tape, Virulent Darkness, was released by the band. In 2001, their second demo tape Unto Death was self-released. In early 2002 Azrael released the extremely limited rehearsal demo consisting of improvised ambient/noise experimentation Noise. In late 2002, "Obdurate" was released on Desastrious Records. In 2003, "Into Shadows Act 1: Denial" was released on Moribund Records. "Into Shadows Act ll: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse" was released in 2004 on Moribund Records. Azrael contributed the exclusive track "Illumination" to the "Destroyers From the Western Skies compilation CD on Killzone records. In early 2007 Azrael released a double-CD Act III-Self ... Act IV-Goat on Moribund Records. Azrael re-released both the "Obdurate" and "Unto Death" demos as a single CD through Moribund records in August 2008.

Musical style:
Azrael started out as a more traditional black metal band. The band themselves describe their first demo as "much more traditional and primitive than our later works ... somewhat of a feeling out process for us". With each release they began to add more experimental and unique elements, the Unto Death demo "was a huge leap forward for us ... we were beginning to add some abstract and ambient elements such as the 20 minute noise/ambient track at the end of the demo". With the release of Into Shadows Act II, the band was "beginning to experiment much more and creating very sic unique soundscapes and atmospheres". Azrael now describes their current sound as "experimental, atmospheric, dark/black metal".

Lord Samaiza: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals (1999-present),
Algol: electric and upright bass, drums (1999-present),

Past members:
Tharengraff: drums (2001-2003),
Tanner Anderson (Unknown Goat): guitar (2004-05)